Monday, June 28, 2010

There ain't no father to my style

I know I have been on a blog break for a little while. I've been a little bit on a break from everything, but I am back and I'm bringing sexy with me.

I wanted to write about some of the amazing things that have been said to me in the last couple of weeks. Since I made a Wu-Tang reference in the name of the post, I'll continue with that.

I was home visiting my family a couple of weekends ago and I was talking with my brother and my mom about martial arts when I said, "All I know about martial arts, I learned from the Wu-Tang". My mother, who has just turned 67, chimes in with, "Oh, yes! The Wu-Tang Gang"!

Other notable quotes from my nephew who is five and a half:

When asked if he remembered what it was like to fly on a plane told me, "Yeah, but mostly I remember that when the plane lands, it bothers my wiener".

He is growing out his hair and I asked him if lots of pretty girls ask if they can play with his hair. He said, "ummmmmmm, just my mom and you". Then he said, "you aren't girls: you're women!".

Another priceless moment was when my eight year old nephew and I were talking about how I'd be going to graduate school for social work(I was accepted at a fine New York City institution of education). He asked me what a social worker does. I started explaining to him that social workers help people who are having problems. If someone finds out they are really sick, or if there are problems at home, or any other time people are in crisis that's when social workers try to step in and help people deal. Then I was like, "Um, why would anyone want to do this"? Good thing I have already been accepted to the program.

My family is close with another family who has small children and their extended family. All of us went out together for Father's Day and I ended up sitting next to Granny. I had no idea, but apparently people don't want to sit next to Granny (no actual relation) because apparently she's "mean". I've never had that experience with her before. Boy, was I in for a surprise.

I ordered a bloody mary with my brunch (it was after 12 anyway), which is totally normal for me. My brother ordered a cocktail and so did Granny's grandson who is in his 30's. When my bloody mary came, Granny looked at it and smirked and asked me if it was tomato juice. I said that it was a drink. She smirked again, repeated that it was a drink and then loudly proclaimed, "Well, you must be used to drinking early in the morning." I started laughing hysterically and when people asked me why I was laughing so hard I explained. I pointed out to Granny that not only did I have a drink, but so did her grandson. She shrugged it off, and then her grandson pointed out that my brother had also ordered a cocktail. She said, "Well, naturally".

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